Surrogacy Program

Congratulations on taking the first step to become a participant in Fertility Miracles Surrogacy program. By becoming a Gestational or Traditional Surrogate you will have the opportunity to help create a family.

Fertility Miracles is looking for women, 21-38 years of age, non-smokers, who have had a positive pregnancy and delivery experience, recognize the need for a healthy lifestyle, and who have an amazing support system from their family and friends.

Fertility Miracles offers two types of surrogacy programs to choose from. Gestational Surrogacy, the most common type of surrogacy, is where an egg from the Intended Parent or Donor is fertilized with the Intended Parents sperm, fertilization occurs and an embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Approximately 14 days after the transfer, the surrogate will undergo a blood pregnancy test, if pregnant, the surrogate then carries and gives birth to a child. In Traditional Surrogacy, the same pattern as Gestational Surrogacy applies, the only difference is that the Traditional Surrogate uses her own eggs to be fertilized with the Intended Parents sperm, a procedure called Artificial Insemination takes place depositing the specimen into the surrogates uterus. Again, 14 days later a blood pregnancy test will be taken to determine whether the surrogate mother is pregnant.

Once selected as a candidate for Fertility Miracles program, you will be sent a packet of information filled with important documents and instructions to guide you through the application process. All of the pertinent information, including psychological screening and background checks of yourself and spouse/partner, where applicable, is used to assist our highly experienced and educated staff in making the most compatible and successful surrogacy match.

While Surrogacy offers the opportunity for a family to be created, there are numerous possibilities for travel, emotional, and financial rewards for any woman who participates in this wonderful experience.

Thank you for your interest and desire to participate in our Surrogacy Programs. Please contact our Surrogate Recruiter to begin this amazing journey. We look forward to hearing from you.