Benefits Packages

Surrogate Compensation $40,000 (higher if an experienced surrogate)
  The surrogate compensation will be paid in monthly installments during the pregnancy beginning upon confirmation of pregnancy (14-day blood test). A previous Surrogate will be compensated $45,000+.
Twin Compensation $7,000 (if applicable)
  In the case of twins, the Surrogate will receive $5,000 in addition to the surrogate compensation.
Monthly Allowance $250 (until 3 months post delivery)
  The monthly allowance will be used for in county mileage, lost wages prior to pregnancy, telephone calls, faxes, postage or federal express charges, housekeeping, childcare, and miscellaneous expenses related to the surrogacy process. This fee will be paid beginning with the first month following the initial medical screening (assuming the Surrogate is medically cleared) and will continue until 3 months following the delivery.
Medication Start Fee $1,000
  The medication Start Fee will be paid at the time the Surrogate starts the hormonal medication for the IVF cycle, in preparation for the embryo transfer.
Maternity Clothing Allowance $1,200
  The maternity clothing allowance will be paid in full prior to 20 weeks. In the case of a twin pregnancy $400 will be paid at 16 weeks and the balance of $400 at 20 weeks.
Embryo Transfer Fee $1,000
  The embryo transfer fee will be paid after each embryo transfer procedure to compensate the Surrogate for the time associated with medical preparation for the transfer, bed rest, and child care.
Invasive Procedure Fee $750 (if applicable)
  This fee will be paid to compensate for the trauma associated with the following procedures: amniocentesis, chorionic villi sampling, D&C, early termination, fetal reduction, operative hysteroscopy (in hospital or out patient facility) or ectopic pregnancy.
C-Section $2,500 (if applicable)
  The Surrogate will be paid an additional $1,500 if she delivers by cesarean section. This fee is to compensate for the additional pain and suffering, added risks, and longer recovery time.
Lost Wages tbd (if applicable)
  Any Surrogate who works outside her home will be paid for lost wages when the doctor orders work restriction or bed rest (approximately 6 to 8 weeks after delivery). The spouse (or any other person providing support) will be reimbursed for up to 3 to 5 days for lost wages. Payments will be based on net wages. Please note that disability payments will be subtracted from documented net wages.
Psychological Support $1,500 (estimated for 15 months at $100/month)
  The Surrogate will be offered psychological support throughout the term of pregnancy and 3 months following the delivery.
Health Insurance tbd (if applicable)
  If the Surrogate has medical insurance that covers surrogacy, she needs to provide proof of insurance, including carrier’s name and policy information. If a surrogate is uninsured Fertility Miracles, A Division of American Fertility Institute, LLC will assist the Intended Parent(s) in acquiring the appropriate coverage.
Life Insurance $450
  There will be a $250,000 one year life insurance policy issued to the Surrogate.
Attorney’s Fees $750-$1,000
  The Surrogate will have to right to legal representation during the review and negotiations of the legal contract. The attorney’s fees will be paid by the Intended Parent(s).